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Your safe retreat in everyday life.
What is it that makes us seek the security of the canopy?

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Why treehouses?

I build tree houses and high stands to give us humans the feeling of taking a break from the data flow of everyday life and to feel and further explore the archaic nature in and around us.

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Everything from a single source

Initially, I let the natural conditions on site have an effect on me. This gives rise to concrete visions of the most exciting possibilities for constructively realising a staircase, platform or hut. As soon as this process has been communicated with the client, we "tree house professionals" start to build the raw larch poles in the treetops, secured by climbing ropes and taking care to treat the trees as gently as possible. The tree house is only constructed in the studio once the stairs and platform have been completed and then assembled in individual parts on the platform. Recycled materials such as used factory windows, old wood and other found objects such as driftwood or vineyard posts are often used.

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Brainstorming with customers

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Detailed planning

Creating a detailed plan

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Implementation, construction of the project

Treehouse adventure

What is it that makes us seek proximity to trees? Do we simply want to enjoy the shade of their canopy or even explore the mysterious energy source that lies within their powerful trunks? Is it the scents of the forest floor and the chirping of birds in their treetops or the irresistible call of the great outdoors that makes us touch their bark and sniff and listen, as if they would ever reveal their secret?

We love our tree house from Richard Polsterer and his team! You can tell he puts all his heart and soul into his creations. Although my children are teenagers now, they still spend time in it and love their brilliant retreat in the garden! The tree house was even used for your A1 advert. Both thumbs up for Richard and his team, we would recommend them anytime!

- Ann

Wonderfull custom-timbered treehouses. I had the chance to help out on several construction sites, witness the creative building process first hand and the priviledge to enjoy some of the treehouses for a night or two. Richard is a real prodigy in his craft.

- F EP

Richard Polsterer from is a likeable, creative and style-conscious craftsman and treehouse builder. I have accompanied some of his projects as a photographer. No two of his treehouses are the same, each one is perfectly adapted to the surroundings and the customer's wishes. Richard loves wood, the forest and the aesthetics of tree houses, which for him do not lie in millimetre-precise perfection, but in artistic realisation, robustness and closeness to nature. An absolute recommendation!

- Gabriel Gersch

Impressive work 👌 was totally thrilled, an absolute recommendation!!! If anyone is interested in Bauhaus, they should definitely stop by Richard's!!! UNIQUE ...

- Merlin Essl

I slept in Treehouse1 once as a test because my wife and I are expecting a baby and we wanted something like a guest bed for friends and future children.

It was an incredible nature experience, at night you hear owls and at sunrise you wake up with nature instead of the alarm clock. We then decided to buy our own tree house from Richard Polsterer. The communication works great and the price is worth every euro. I'm really looking forward to the first nights in my own tree house!

- Paulus Ruttin

I've had the honor of staying in Baumhaus1 a few times. It was a special experience every time. Situated high up in the trees, you can feel the gentle swaying of the trees in the wind. Birds and squirrels often come to visit. Enjoying a glass of wine by candlelight in the evening and listening to the rustling of the leaves - what could be better! The interior and the bed are surprisingly spacious and incredibly cozy. This place offers the perfect escape from everyday life and allows you to enjoy a short break surrounded by nature. I can only recommend it to everyone!

- Theresa Polsterer

Thank you very much for your support in repairing our tree house. Unfortunately, we had made a few mistakes, which Mr Polsterer was able to rectify professionally. Now we are sure to enjoy it for many years to come.

- Ursula Hartweger-Vogl

Incredibly great, friendly and professional work from Richard and his team! From planning to realisation, everything was just right! He built us our dream tree house in 2 days, the materials he used are high quality and the details such as old brass windows or the railings made from old vines have an enormous charm and effect on Richard's overall work :-)

I can really recommend Richard 100%. Our treehouse can be found on his website under "Ebenerdig". Thanks again to the Treehouse team :-)

- Viktoria R.

Richard Polsterer is a carpenter with heart and soul, you can see and feel that from the very first meeting. A man who lives and loves his profession.

- Werner Woletz


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